Julia Levitina was born in Odessa, Ukraine, and is currently living and working in Philadelphia, USA. She creates representational sculptures of figures and animals in terra cotta and bronze. Levitina's preferred material is water or oil clay that she makes herself to be responsive to the slightest touch. It allows her to sculpt quickly, maintaining the freshness of her impression from life. Levitina does all the casting and finishing of her bronzes. She is thus able to exploit the nuances of her craft to achieve the end result she envisions all the way through the final step of patination.

Julia Levitina has exhibited her work nationally at the University of the Arts and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, Red Raven Art Company in Lancaster, Riverbank Arts Gallery in New Jersey and Catherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club in New York City, among others. Internationally, Levitina's work has been shown at the Eugeen Van Mieghem Museum in Antwerp, Belgium, the City Hall of Odessa in Ukraine and Atelier Poussin in Paris. She is represented by the Artists' House Gallery in Philadelphia, where she has held two one-person exhibitions of her bronze sculptures and drawings.

Julia Levitina's work has earned her various awards and honors, among them the Mary Butler Trust Award from the Fellowship of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and the Gloria Medal for meritorious body of work from the National Sculpture Society. Levitina received numerous awards in figure modeling and her sculptures were recognized for "uplifting the human spirit." She is currently working on several commissioned pieces.

Levitina's bronzes can be found in various public and private art collections in US and in Europe, including the permanent collection of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, American Friends of the Red Star Line headquarters, the Gershman Y Center of the University of the Arts and the National Museum of Jewish American History in Philadelphia. Internationally, Levitina's sculptures are part of the Eugeen Van Mieghem Museum collection in Antwerp, as well as of assorted private collections in Ukraine, Belgium, England and France.